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Floppy Disk Drive ID Switcher

Currently a work in progress - I'll update this with more information as I go.

This little project came about when I started using a Gotek floppy emulator with some of my retrocomputers. Having hundreds of floppy images available at the push of a button is great, not to mention the lack of read/write errors and degrading media; however it's somehow not the same experience as physically swapping disks, and even with some of the sound hacks, it just doesn't sound right. For this reason, I like to keep floppies around in addition to using a Gotek, and it's easy enough to have both connected to a machine at once. Where things get marginally more complicated is when you want to change whether to boot from the FDD or the Gotek. Many systems only boot from the first drive (0 or A), and even in cases where you can tell it to boot from a different drive, a lot of games assume their disk is in the first drive.