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V86P PSU Internals

Internal photographs of the Victor V86P PSU, thanks to StickByDos on the

Other notes:

  • The diode on the underside is an FR103
  • Q1 is marked BUW13A
  • Q3 is marked C3345
  • Q4 is marked C2001
  • D15 is marked FES8CT
  • SCR1 is marked RIC126M
  • SHR is marked TL431C
  • R24 and R24 are 220 ohm
  • R28 is 68 5% (located between SCR1 and C23)
  • R31 is 68 ohm (vertically mounted by Va)
  • R37 is 1k 5% (located between Q3 and Q4)
  • C18 is 3.3µF 50V
  • C20 and C21 are 2200µF 16V
  • C23 is 1µF 50V
  • Z3 markings are hard to read, but measures 8.6V

Voltages on Va, Vb, Vc with the laptop connected, powered off, and battery disconnected:

  • Va 8.63V
  • Vb 8.11V
  • Vc 7.35V

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