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When technology conspires against you

Usually all my tools and toys behave for me, but every now and again things things don't go so smoothly. Last weekend was the first F1 race of the season and being Australia, was on at a silly time of night. Because the TV networks over here don't consider F1 to be sufficiently important, in order to get the feed I prefer (TSN grab the feed from the beeb, and I do like their commentating team) I'd have to grab it live. For this sort of reason, I have a MythTV box setup, which usually performs so well I tend to just let it got on with recording what I like and don't worry too much about scheduling. I set it the night before to record the race and when I sat down to watch the race the following afternoon (after ignoring the repeat of the race on Speed) was dismayed to discover that at some point in the past few days the box had rebooted and the ivtv drivers hadn't initialized properly so the recording had no sound. Easily fixed, but annoying.

This weekend was the second race, so cue repeat of the above - only this time I thought I'd got it sorted - I set up a rule last week to record the races whenever they're on and checked upcoming recordings to make sure the Malaysian race was in the schedule - so far so good. This afternoon I sit down to watch the race, only to discover it recorded the qualifying, but not the race! Bugger. Luckily, thanks to my fantastic wife, I discovered this only a short while after the Speed coverage started, so I managed to see most of the race after all, the old fashioned way.

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